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About Paul Raats

Living the dream

7 years ago Paul left his succesful telecoms career. Seen over 52 countries, he met many people. Inspired by a short private meeting that happened spontaneously in the Grand Canyon (USA), he decided to leave his job and start following his new passion. From the beginning always focused on doing it different, looking for new angles, innovation, with own rules and workflows. Starting with drones already in 2010, learned him to see things from different perspectives. A combination of "ground" work and aerial work, seems to be a perfect match for getting many new customers. Adding innovation with 360 degree photography, indoor & outdoor studio photography, made him quite allround. A choice that still inspires him today and gives him plenty of ways to create successfully new content for his clients.

Doing sports all his life, he is spending most his time in this area. Creating projects with/for athletes, sportmarketing agencies, brands, and press agencies is now his daily work.

Giving back to sports, working more closely and privately with athletes, creating something new, explore new boundaries, mix idea's, Paul started his own Tokyo 2020 project. First visit was done in August 2017, where he met the gouverneur of Japan arriving with the Olympic Flag.  An inspiring journey has started.

Please contact Paul for special request or expositions see for other work

all photography is exclusively created and owned by Paul Raats, nothing on this site can't be copied/used without written approval. No commercial use is allowed and must be approved by Paul Raats. 

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